Free Public Relations Book

Free Public Relations Book

[Update: The new version of the eBook is now available for download! New articles, now 100+ pages, and re-edited! To date, there have been more than 1,500 copies downloaded!]

This free Public Relations eBook is
now available for download!

I am giving this book away because I believe that giving value and creating lasting relationships is much more important that collecting a $2 royalty from a book sale. I hope that you get the most value from this book and learn some useful PR tips and tactics that you can implement.

Inside the Free Public Relations Book you will find tips on:

- How to Implement Do-It-Yourself Public Relations Strategies
- Step-by-Step, How-To Formulas for Writing a Killer Pitch & Press Release
- How to Utilize the Opportunities Social Media and Blogs Present to Your Benefit
- Why Traditional Public Relations is No Longer Effective
- How to Improve & Advance Your PR Career

Public Relations Book Summary: The Free Public Relations Book is over 100 pages long, filled with useful information on social media, PR tactics and strategies, and PR planning tips. It is a quick guide and introduction to public relations with in-depth information on public relations best practices that are presented in a clear and direct format. Also inside, you will find three book reviews on some of the best PR books from professionals in the PR and marketing industries.

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